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We test Google Stadia and it's unplayable, it looks like a beta

Stadia is Google?s cloud video game subscription service. Although it has given much to talk about since it was announced, not everything has been really positive. In this opportunity, we have triedGoogle Stadia and is unplayable, it looks like a beta. Unfortunately, Google has a lot to improve in this project that it painted to be very good, but that so far is not what was expected.

In theory, Stadia has the ability to Relay video games with 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, with HDR support and the ability to play remotely. In practice, Stadia is unplayable and we will explain why.

Why is Google Stadia going so bad?

Google Stadia adds 10 games to its list of titles

We have tested Google Stadia and It is going to pull, it is pixelated and unplayable. Surely you must be thinking that the problem is due to the Internet connection, but we use a 50 MB when the requirement to play 4K is 35 MB. In addition, the desktop tests with Chrome were also of low quality and with many jumps that made it impossible to enjoy a game with peace of mind.

This streaming video game platform was launched on November 19 with 22 games in its catalog. Latency failures aside, Google Stadia is also suffering from another serious problem since causes Chromecasts to restart due to overheating. As you could see, Google is going to have to work hard to solve all these problems and offer its users a decent gaming experience.

google stadia launch

We, who have tried this new Google platform, can tell you for sure that it cannot be played. Unfortunately, at this time it is not worth buying.

Mind you, nobody rules out the possibility that within a year, or within a few months, Google Stadia can become that streaming video game platform that we all want. That is, we are facing a project that has a future, but currently does not offer what was expected from the beginning.

And t Do you think Google can solve these problems quickly?

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