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Visionox presents a roll-up screen and a vertical folding phone »ERdC

Visionox features a roll-up screen and a vertical folding phone

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This year we met for the first time what phones with folding screen technology can offer. This technological milestone was expected for a long time since the possibility arose. The technology He is still young but can already be seen in action, so now it's time to know what could come next of the phones with folding screen. The display provider Visionox believes that roller telephones will be the center of attention after the folding trend.

The company showed this technology in the recent World Screen Industry Conference. In the three-day event held in Hefei, Anhui province of China, Visionox showed its flexible AMOLED roll-up panel along with a couple of other interesting products. These products also include a phone that looks normal but folds from the center.

Visionox roller screen

Visionox says that Rolling screen design greatly reduce the area occupied by the screen, even less than folding. The Visionox roller screen shown at the event had a 7mm dynamic radius of curvature. Has on-cell touch screen and auto lamination integration technology.

However, it is clear that this technology still take some time before it matures. The demonstration unit at the event still had the shape of the flat screen and was not installed on a mobile phone. It is worth adding that you compare as BOE and LG Display have shown roller panels in the past.

Foldable phone from the center

In addition to the roller screen, Visionox also demonstrated An interesting folding phone. This time it was in the form of a real phone that could be folded in half in the center. Unlike the Motorola Razr, it seemed a completely normal Android phone, with the only exception that You can fold in half in the center. This will grant an extra comfort and practicality when transporting it.

The folding smartphone with cover features a 6.47-inch flexible AMOLED display with on-cell technology. Visionox adds that there won't be a crease in the center when deployed. The phone comes with a drop shaped notch on top and it transforms into a phone 13.3 mm thick in its folded form.

Phone practically without frames

But it was not all that Visionox showed during this event. They also presented a smartphone practically without frames. The device has a small 1.5 lower bezel mm and 0.7mm bevels on the other three sides. The relationship between screen and body It is as high as 96.57%.

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