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User creates famous songs with iPhone Garageband

garageband iSongs
When we ask ourselves what is the weirdest, cool or curious thing we can do with our iPhone, surely there are thousands of answers that are both interesting, creative and worthy of sharing. A sample, not only of a great use of the tool but of constancy can be seen in the channel of YouTube iSong.

iSongs is a YouTube channel that shows popular songs that are recreated from scratch with the music creation application that comes with the iPhone. Currently, The channel has 481 thousand subscribers and a list of 100 compositions.

A YouTube channel publishes versions of songs made on iPhone with GarageBand

Yes iSong was created 4 years ago, it has been since a few months when its creator has published the largest number of content and consequently increasing its popularity.

In each version, we can see how its creator composes songs using the Garageband app, included by default on the iPhone. Among his creations are classic titles such as Hotel California de Eagles, Another One Bites The Dust de Queen and other representations of current music such as 7 Ring of Ariana Grande or Halo de Beyonc.

As Apple explains on its official site, GarageBand allows you to create new songs to record music and make arrangements. In the My Songs browser you can duplicate, rename, save and delete songs. You can also create folders and add or remove songs from different folders.

At the end of the composition each track within the song is electronically replicated and combined to obtain a realistic version of the original theme.

While any iPhone user can search for their own musical creation, it is not common to see users so committed to different styles and with achieving the frequency of publications of topics in this format, so undoubtedly iSong offers entertainment worth highlighting among the fantastic music and technology.