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Use your Android phone as an external speaker for your computer

With a mobile we can do so many things that we often take it all for granted assuming that a specific detail can be done. Also on the contrary: the smartphone has so much surprise that you might not know that it is possible transform it into an external speaker. How do you read it?

Imagine you have a computer with Windows or Linux and you want to send the sound wirelessly to your Android mobile. It cannot be done by default since there is no way to transmit the audio and ring on the mobile phone in real time, but there is an application. Of course, we will recommend it.

Stream the sound over WiFi from the computer to the mobile with SoundWire

Use your Android phone as an external speaker for the computer

This application consists of a mobile app and a server for the computer. You must install both programs and keep both devices connected (Android mobile and computer) within the same WiFi network. This will turn your phone (or tablet) into an external speaker.

The process does not involve too much complication: to get it you just need to do the following.

  • Discharge Soundwire on your Android mobile from the link you have at the end of the article.
  • Download and install the server on your computer. The page to download it is this.
  • Once you have everything installed open the applications on both devices, computer and mobile.
  • Play anything on your PC: the sound meter must be working.
  • Go to the mobile application and click on the dock icon: if the computer and mobile are on the same WiFi, they should be detected and connected. Otherwise write the IP of the computer program in the mobile window and try again.
  • Once connected you will verify that the sound of the computer is output by the mobile.

Use your Android phone as an external speaker for the computer

Since the volumes are independent you can download the one from the computer while maintaining the Soundwire: In this way you will control the sound that comes from the mobile. And you can equalize it from the computer settings; as well as vary the quality parameters in case the audio is not heard too well.

A simple way to take your computer sound anywhere

It can be an anecdote or it can solve the problem of having the broken laptop speakers, for example: with Soundwire you transform the mobile into an external speaker with independent volume. It has a certain lag, so it is not too useful to use this system in games. Although it is great for listening to music, for example.

Soundwire It is a free application, both the mobile app and the desktop server. It also has a paid version without ads that can be yours for 4.09 euros. The functions in both apps are exactly the same.