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Tumblr seeks to resurrect by adding new features to interact with other users and with your interests

Sometimes it is hard to imagine the decline of such massive and important platforms as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Looking at the trajectory of MySpace or what seems to be happening with Tumblr we can get an idea of ??what could happen to them.

And it is that Tumblr has been hitting in recent years, losing a large part of its users After deciding to remove the adult content and having changed hands several times (in August Verizon sold the service to Automatticc, the owner of WordPress).

Connect with other users and see more content related to your tastes

In recent weeks Tumblr has been adding new features, in what seems to be an attempt to bring back the attention of users who have left and strengthen those who still use the service.

A few hours ago, the company published an entry in which they announced the arrival of the label pages, a section that reminds us a lot of Google Groups and in which we can see more publications related to our interests.

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As happens, for example, on Instagram, from now on we can follow a certain tag on Tumblr and access group chats associated with that tag. In order to try this new section, it will be necessary to have version 14.6 or higher on both iOS and Android (it is currently not available for the web version).

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The tag section arrives weeks after they announced the arrival of group chat, in which up to one hundred users can participate. The company assured that they are looking to offer the possibility of "being in direct contact with other Tumblr users" in order to "talk about the topics that interest them most".

The social network declare that with this new functionality they want make it easier to meet new people through the platform, in addition to helping them "discover new communities that you might not know exist."

As we see, Tumblr is making movements in the same direction: Offer more interaction and meeting places among its users. Far from being an independent blogging platform, they now want users to be more interactive and share common interests.

We will have to wait to see how users receive these new features, and if it will be enough to counteract the discontent and flight of users who came after some controversial decisions.

         Tumblr seeks to resurrect by adding new features to interact with other users and with your interests


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