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This trick can give more autonomy to your old AirPods

AirPods, iPhone and iPad

Possibly if you have first generation AirPods You are already suffering from battery wear of these. And after 3 years of continuous charging and downloading many users are experiencing a significant decrease in battery life in their headphones. Luckily, a Reddit user has shared a post in which he explains how he has achieved that his AirPods, with almost 3 years behind and an important battery wear, have recovered part of his autonomy.

How to improve the battery of a first generation AirPods in three simple steps.

The technique is extremely simple, and what we will be doing is to calibrate the AirPods battery as much as possible. To do this you just have to follow these steps:

1: Press the button on the AirPods case for 10 seconds until the LED indicating the white battery is on and re-pair them with our iPhone.

2: Once we have paired them again, we will spend the battery completely on both the AirPods case and the headphones, with the usual use.

3: Now, with the case and the AirPods completely without battery we will charge them again up to 100%.

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<p>With this combination of restart, full battery drain and full recharge we will be doing something like a recalibration of the same, and indicating to the AirPods where is its lower and upper limit of charge.<br />
The user who has published this system has indicated that the battery of their AirPods <strong>It took a duration of 1.5 hours to reach 3.5 again</strong>. A big difference if we consider that Apple originally indicated that the battery life per charge was 5 hours.</p>
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