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This is Ebo, the robot pet to have fun and keep your cat in shape

Equipped with an HD camera and Wi-Fi connection, the device allows the cat to be entertained by autonomous movements along with various visual and sound stimuli

Cats are usually used to the loneliness of home when their owners are away from home. And for these moments, nothing better than
 to entertain and keep your pet active. With this premise comes
Ebo, a sphere controlled remotely via a Wi-Fi connection and an HD camera to monitor and play with the cat from a smartphone.

With a compact size, Ebo is a device that moves throughout the house and has lights, movement and sound to stimulate the attention of household pets. Its creators created this little robot to combat the depression and obesity of cats.

Ebo works in conjunction with a collar that measures the physical activity of the cat so that the robot can adapt to the movements it performs on a daily basis. It has an autonomous use of about two hours with a full charge, and like the Roomba robotic vacuum, Ebo returns to the charging base to replace its batteries.

Equipped with autonomous movements, it can move in any direction, in addition to turning on itself. "In addition to preventing obesity problems, Ebo offers an exercise routine to keep your pet healthy and avoid arthritis and other similar chronic ailments," say its creators from the online collective financing platform Kickstarter, which offer an advance sale of the cat company robot from
160 dollars in its initial version without the necklace.