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The Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a square module for the cameras

Galaxy S11

We will see this coming and we will notify you in due course. Everyone rushed to criticize the square module of the iPhone 11 camera and with the passage of time it is something that will become customary. That is, as it happened with the notch, the rest of the companies are going to follow this Apple trail and copying this new format.

If Google was first with its Pixel 4, although at least we can give them the benefit of the doubt since their design was filtered much earlier, Now it's Samsung since it's going to add to the square module in the rear cameras nothing less than with your Samsung Galaxy S11.

Better not criticize Apple, so it can happen later

Of course, it has been the popular OnLeaks filter that has been responsible for filtering these images of the Samsung Galaxy S11. As with the iPhone 11 Pro months ago, most likely the design is 80-90% filtration, and the rear module is undoubtedly one of the aspects that stand out and probably can change the most.

Samsung-Galaxy-iPhone 11

As with the first renders of the iPhone 11, the module of the rear cameras may suffer some slight redesign, but that being present in the Samsung Galaxy S11 there is little doubt.

At the time when the provision of the cameras of the iPhone 11 appeared on a black square ledge all were criticism and laughter about the design. He iPhone 11 finally looked much better and nicer than we had seen, and the square module is quite disguised to be the same color as the device.

However, Samsung's proposal with the Galaxy S11 is not disguised, we have a black module in which there will be 4 cameras rectangular and quite elongated. Surely not stir so much stir, but this design, if fulfilled, is much uglier than the iPhone 11 Pro.