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The OnePlus will be sold in physical stores started by FNAC in Spain

The original OnePlus strategy is reminiscent of the one Xiaomi had when it started. Content prices, benefits above those offered by rivals and an exclusive online distribution method that reduced expenses.

But brands evolve and criteria and strategies change. It happened to Xiaomi, to Honor and now it's the turn of OnePlus.

The company has announced that it will carry out an offline distribution for the first time in Europe and the country chosen for it is Spain.

FNAC is the selected chain of stores

In Spain there are a few national distributors that have a strong presence in the big cities. We talk about Carrefour, El Corte Inglés or Mediamarkt. Another one that is usually included in that list is FNAC, a chain that has been gaining a place in the technology sector.

This company is the one that OnePlus has chosen to allow users to test their phones before they can buy them, something that until now was not possible.

The chosen one is of course the OnePlus 6 in Midnight Black color which is in these stores and at the moment this test will be carried out in three locations of the firm, in Madrid and Barcelona:

  • Fnac Callao (Madrid)
  • Fnac Triangle
  • Fnac l?lla (Barcelona)

We do not know if this new OnePlus path will make your mobile phones in more physical distributors in our country or in other markets. In Europe so far, the company's models could be purchased in teleoperators or through online channels but not in physical retailers.

The importance of stores

It seems that OnePlus has seen that being able to see and test the terminal before is key for many users. The firm has evolved in the way of selling its smartphones and although it began with the invitations and later with cooperations with telephone operators, the jump to the physical stores was pending.