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The most innovative smartphones of the year

We had to wait until 2019 to finally know the beginning of the era of the flexible smartphones, Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have been the three main manufacturers that have ventured into a market that according to Samsung is the future of the industry for the next 10 years.

However, flexible phones have not been the only ones that have caught our attention for trying to be different, since Xiaomi, Microsoft and even TCL have shown some very interesting proposals that deserve to be on the list of the most innovative of 2019.

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1- Samsung Galaxy Fold

He Galaxy Fold It was the first flexible phone of a popular brand to present itself. Samsung announced it at its developer conference in November 2018, but it hit the market until 2019.

The problem of the Galaxy Fold was that they had to delay its launch after the problems that the first units sent to the specialized press had serious problems with the screen.

Samsung took a few months but better the design and reinforced some elements such as the hinge, and is currently the only flexible phone sold in different markets around the world.

The Galaxy Fold has shown us that flexible phones are still far from replacing common smartphones, but they are likely to end up becoming the market trend in some years.

2- Huawei Mate X

He Mate X It is another flexible device that is very similar to the Galaxy Fold in question of design, however for now the device has been put on sale in China, yes, it has changed with respect to the model that Huawei announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Huawei has made some changes in the design and specifications that make Mate X an interesting team, the problem is that its release to the market was also delayed because of the problems that the Galaxy Fold suffered, so Huawei also took a second air to review the design and improve its technology.

It is likely that the Mate X arrived in Mexico in 2020, we do not know when or for what price, but Huawei said at the time that our country was one of the markets where we will see its flexible phone for sale.

3- Motorola Razr

Unlike Samsung and Huawei, Motorola opted for a totally different design for its flexible phone, in fact it revived the razr brand and took the design of the mystical RAZR V3 that was a great success in 2004.

The most innovative of this phone is the technology that Motorola has included in the hinge, because unlike the Fold and the Mate X, the new razr does not show any wrinkles when its display unfolds, something that undoubtedly significantly improves the user experience .

The bad thing is that in terms of specifications, the firm has created a high-mid-range phone with a very high price compared to what it offers, however, flexible phones are expensive because their technology is still not so popular.

4- Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha

Although Xiaomi did not present a flexible phone, it only launched the device with the most screen on the market, since the Mi MIX is basically all screen in front and behind, and the only metallic part that we are going to find is that of the camera module.