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The keys of Project Fi, the Google phone operator

Google has officially launched its new virtual mobile operator, called Fi Project, which seeks to be the competence of conventional operators with attractive rates.

According to US multinational sources, with Fi Project it is possible to have roaming in 120 passes, make calls and send unlimited text messages, canceling only USD $ 20 per month. Additionally, the mobile Internet service can be requested, with a fee of USD $ 10 for each GB contracted. This means that if the user cancels 20 or 30 dollars, he can use 2GB or 3GB, respectively.

The best of all in terms of mobile Internet is that with Project Fi, if the user uses only 1GB of the 3GB that he has contracted in the month, for example, what he has not used will be returned.

Connectivity and the cloud

Google's new virtual mobile operator offers access to networks 4G and Wi-Fi, exchanging both options automatically, to ensure connectivity anywhere.

In addition, the number of the phone being hosted in the cloud, which according to the informants, brings as an advantage the ease of use Hangouts and thus not totally depend on the use of the mobile.

The bad news is that Fi Project For now, it is only available in the United States, however, the Mountain View search engine to notify everyone who registers, about the future availability in other countries and its use in other equipment, it is worth noting that for the moment, only those who have a Nexus 6, connected to T-Mobile and Sprint networks, can make use of the virtual operator.

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