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The Google Play Store History: what you bought, downloaded …

The Google Play Store History: what you bought, downloaded ...

In the beginning of Android Google created a very important application that was the one that allowed users to install new apps and games. We refer to the Android Market, a service that later evolved in the Google Play Store.

Google's online store was fragmented into several sections by including the sale of movies, music or books, although the most important is still software. Over the years, options have been added to make the use of it more complete and practical, but this has also made some of the options go unnoticed.

Today we are going to focus on the sections that allow us to know the applications that we have installed, those that we have bought since we used our first Android mobile and even those that we have valued.

List of downloaded applications

The first of the lists that we are going to show you is the one that tells us which applications we have downloaded since we started using Android. For this we have to open the Google Play Store application and:

  • Open the side menu -> My applications and games -> Collection

If we do not want an application to appear here we simply have to click on the X to the right of it.

List of purchased applications

If what we are looking for is the history of the applications that we have purchased at some point we have to go to the Play Store website or from the mobile at:

  • Open the side menu -> Account -> Order history

You will check that some have a price and others do not. Those that do not have is because although they are paid they were downloaded in a promotional way, with a discount or offer.

List of rated applications

Surely you know that you can make scores and comments of the applications that are in the Play Store. If you want to know which ones you have made, you must open the browser (it cannot be done from the mobile application).

There you will have to go to the option My Play Activity and the ratings and comments we have made will appear. Here you can see my ratings, as an example.

List of desired applications

We also have the shortcut for the wish list, which allows us to have saved the games and apps that we want to download or buy in the future.

To see what we have saved, we simply have to go to this link.

With these accesses you can control in a very precise way the route that you have traced in recent years in the Google store. Of course, this applies only to the gmail address you use in the store.