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The future of Android: what we have left to see this year and the next

This year has been tremendous in terms of mobile technology. In fact, they all are, because in the years we live, nothing is stuck, and increase powers and yields everywhere without stopping. During each year there are certain more critical times in terms of releases and innovations. The most remarkable time is probably the first third of the year, guided by the Mobile World Congress, where dozens of news from all companies are presented. Then we always have certain events on the part of each company, such as Google I | O, very important for us, or even Apple's WWDC, which also revolutionizes the whole world.

Still, there are other dates that are not temporary, and right now we are approaching them. The last quarter of the year always surprises us with breaking news, Unexpected updates, and very specifically the periodic launch of phones made in Google, which many are looking forward to. On the other hand, this year will fit dates with Apple's offensive and its iPhone5 + iOS5. For all this it is for what we have considered convenient to do a small compilation of these 3 months ahead of us, which, however short they may seem, can go a long way.

September 2011

It started precisely with the IFA of Berlin, which already talked a lot about the news that was to come. Some of those that were presented are already on the market, such as the HTC Jetstream, or the Sony Tablet S, which can already be purchased on its website.

What comes upon us

For October we have nothing left, so we will not have to continue suffering for the bombings that can fall here.

The 7 ? tablet from Amazon It is causing a stir, since it is expected to be a great competitor of the iPad, finally. So far no tablet has been a clear rival. It is expected as the renewal of the successful Kindle, and with the power of Amazon, we can assume that it will be a struggle worth seeing. There is a lot of talk about October, but there is no fixed date, so if they are made to beg it would be extended another month.

Around October should also appear on Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, which will record 3D video and spectacular design.

The other Sony Tablet P You can already buy it on their website, but they will start sending it in mid-November. With its revolutionary design as a portable console, and being the first tablet would be with 2 screens touch, we must see how it unfolds.

The star of the year will undoubtedly fall during the end of this month, or the beginning of November. As you all know, 3 years ago that Google does not lack us without a new Nexus for the collection. This year there has been much talk about him, and many data have been confirmed, including that he will come from the hand of Samsung again. Normally the launch takes place closer to Christmas, but it seems that this year they have decided to advance a hair, probably because Apple's star launch is also announced in these parts. Hopefully no lost claim will appear that impacts the new Nexus and delays it. As if that were not enough, the new Nexus never comes alone, and that is will release Android version. A version that many are looking forward to more than the terminal, because it announced exterminate the dispersion of versions between Honeycomb and Gingerbead, as well as their unification. Without a doubt, the day you arrive will be big, and we will be on the front line to let you know.

Christmas campaign

It clearly includes the entire month of December, and the month of January is for those who are late. Here the new Nexus used to appear, but we have to go badly so that it is delayed so much this year. Within this section the dates are never clear, but it is also the time limit that companies have to take out their terminals. Think that otherwise they are quickly out of date when the MWC 2012 arrives in February, presenting mobile killing machines hidden.