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the best tablets for less than 200 euros


Gifts for Mother's Day: the best tablets for less than 200 euros

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April 26, 2017

Amazon Fire 7

A tablet It is always an excellent gift, from which even mothers less fond of technology can take advantage, to read, watch movies or browse and consult social networks, and it must be said that not as expensive as we might sometimes think, because there are great options for less than 200 and even 100 euros.

Fire 7 and 8

Amazon Fire 8

The first recommendation that we are going to make, for those who are more fair in budget, is the Amazon Fire range, especially thinking of 7 inch model, because, simply, we will not find a better tablet for only 60 euros. It is true that Fire OS, the customization of Android that it uses, is somewhat limited, but it is also true that it adapts perfectly to occasional users (the main recipients of this type of tablets), because its simplicity makes it very intuitive.

Galaxy Tab A 7 and 10.1

Samsun Galaxy Tab A 2016 tablet with its box

If you can make a slightly larger investment, another fantastic option is the Galaxy Tab A tablets, which have dropped a lot in price in recent months and are perfect for people familiar with Touchwiz. In this case, and vice versa that with Amazon tablets, the one that we would recommend that you especially take into account is 10 inch model, one of the best quality / price ratio of its size today: it will cost us some 190 euros (The 7-inch is around 120-130 euros) but this is already a gift of quite a level.

Aquaris M8 and M10

bq tablets best alternatives

The Spanish tablets bq They are also a very interesting option, although it is true that with respect to Samsung tablets, and although it seems a lie, we will be losing a bit in relation to quality / price, because they are both somewhat more expensive, even though the technical specifications are Similar. In the case of Aquaris M8, yes, we won an inch of screen, but in that of the M10In fact, with respect to the Galaxy Tab A 10.1, for the same price we will have to sacrifice the Full HD resolution.

Shield Tablet K1

Shield Tablet K1

Even if your mother is not especially fond of games, the Shield Tablet K1, as we always remember, it can be an excellent option, since its characteristics make it a great multimedia device, with Full HD display and front stereo speakers. It is true that it is a relatively old model, but its processor is powerful and must be said in favor of Nvidia which is one of the best updated tablets is being maintained in terms of software. And nothing prevents, if you like games, that you borrow it from time to time.

My Pad 2