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Star Tap, a space exploration game brought to a minimum expression

Star Tap is a game that opts for clicker mechanics: press as fast as possible on the screen to advance. Simple, fun and beautiful aesthetically.

Do you want a new game to entertain yourself this holiday? We propose a space adventure that was released in the Google Play Store very recently: Star tap. It proposes a mechanics with almost zero complications in which basically one thing must be done: press on the screen as quickly as possible.

Star Tap bets on the style «Clicker» without it becoming monotonous. Although there is only one control, press on the screen, the amount of multipliers, powerups and improvements that we will have within our reach will make the exploration much more fun than expected. How far can you get? Deep space awaits you at a click.

Jump between planets, constellations and galaxies based on clicks

Explore space with this beautiful pulsation game: Star Tap

Star Tap puts us in the shoes of Stella, a young astronaut who will shed her space suit to guide her ship in the direction of the deepest space. Our mission is to feed the ship's engine based on pulsations, as repeated as possible. The more we press the faster it will go, so we will arrive at the next destination before. For this we will also have different elements that will help us in the task.

In addition to the clicks we can improve the engines so they go faster or activate drones that will automatically collect the money we generate. As in all "freemium" games In Star Tap we will also have virtual currency with which to get the improvements. These can be achieved little by little, it is also commonplace.

Explore space with this beautiful pulsation game: Star Tap

Although the mechanics could become repetitive to boredom, the truth is that Star Tap does not get tired as fast as expected. The graphic style with anime air looks great. As well as the elements integrated in the game. It offers in-app purchases and also ads, but they do not prevent the experience from being satisfactory.

Do you want to try it? Now you can start your trip to space with Stella by downloading Star tap from the Google Play Store. Go get him!