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Some problems of the Galaxy Note 9 and its possible solutions

The impressive Galaxy Note 9 remains one of Samsung's best smart phones to date, although it has already ceased to be the manufacturer's flagship Note device, due to the recent launch of the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. It is powerful, comes with an amazing camera and has even improved the signature feature of the Note: the S Pen. However, it is not perfect. Next, we tell you what are some of the most common Galaxy Note 9 problems and some tricks or suggestions that will make your device run smoothly.

Problem: Note 9 overheats

some problems of the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung fans are understandably worried about the heating of their phones after the Note 7 disaster. For the same reason, any similar problem must be taken very seriously here. And many Note 9 owners have noticed that their devices overheat significantly. This seems to be accompanied by other problems, such as a decrease in battery life. In the worst cases, people complain that the phone is too hot to hold it, and that the back and sides get very hot.


  • Contact Samsung or your distributor immediately. While phones may get hot during fast charging and intensive tasks (such as games), it should not get hot enough to keep it off. If your phone constantly overheats, it may be a sign of a problem with the battery, and it is known that defective batteries constitute a serious fire hazard.

Error: The navigation bar is still displayed while using gestures

A user interface with Android 9.0 Pie has added many useful features to Note 9, and gesture controls are one of them. However, some users find that the software keys do not disappear as they should after activating the new controls. While it is not a complaint to throw the phone in the trash, it is certainly annoying. Fortunately, fixing it seems easy.


  • Samsung suggests deleting its cache partition. To do this, turn off your device, then press the volume up key along with the Bixby key. Then, press and hold the power key. When the Android logo appears, release the three keys. When the Android recovery system appears, use the volume keys and select Clean the cache partition, by touching the power button to select it. This should not delete your personal data, but we still recommend that you make a backup copy of your phone just in case.

Problem: the camera sounds when it is zoomed

The Galaxy Note 9 has an exceptional set of cameras, but that doesn't mean they don't have some problems. Complaints about freezing and camera delay have disappeared, but have been replaced by another problem: users now complain about a buzz while using their camera, which seems to be linked to the use of telephoto or zoom. While some say that noise is nothing but a nuisance, others have found that the problem also involves blurring when using that lens.


  • Unfortunately, this seems to be a hardware problem, so there is nothing else you can do other than send your device to Samsung for repair.

Problem: volume decreases during videos

Some users notice that video volumes decrease during media playback. The problem is occurring on YouTube and other video applications, including the Samsung video application, and it seems that this happens several minutes after playback has started. The problem persists when the phone is in Safe Mode, or safe mode, which indicates that the problem is not being caused by a third-party application.

A user has released information from a Samsung technician, who said a software update might solve the problem, but this does not agree with another advice from one of Samsung's official moderators who recommended a replacement unit.


  • It is currently unknown if this problem is based on software or hardware, and Samsung does not seem to be clear about what is causing the problem. Contacting Samsung and obtaining a replacement unit may be your only solution at this stage.

Problem: silent notifications

Many users have expressed concern that the volume of ringtones and notifications in Note 9 are quieter than other similar phones, especially compared to the Galaxy Note 8 last year. It seems that while the headset is activated for music and video, only the lower speaker is used for notifications and ringtones.


Problems: the speaker is inconsistent during calls

The Note 9 uses a lower speaker and a headset on the top of the phone to deliver stereo sound. Unfortunately, it seems that the headset works inconsistently for some users during Speakerphone mode on some calls. According to some publications, the upper speaker sometimes works if the phone is moved, but it is cut at other times.

This is a particularly interesting problem because, as some users have pointed out, the upper speaker is only designed to work with music and videos, and should not be activated for Speakerphone mode. Some believe that it seems that the sensor at the top of the phone is making a kind of short circuit of the headset when it is blocked, causing intermittent service.


  • There is still no official solution to this problem, so unfortunately, your only real solution is to replace your phone by contacting the company for a replacement unit.

Problem: the S Pen does not work in certain parts of the screen

The S Pen is a wonderful addition to Note 9, with some new features that were added to the latest version of Samsung's phone. But some users have problems with the digital pencil, reporting that it does not work in certain parts of the screen.


  • Verify that your protective case does not have a built-in magnet. Many wallet-shaped cases use magnets to keep the lid closed, and the magnetic field can interfere with the S Pen and the optimal functioning of Note 9. Remove the case and try again. That should solve the problem.
  • If that does not work, or if you are not using a magnetic case, you may have a defective screen or an S Pen with hardware problems, so you should contact Samsung and explain the situation to have a replacement sent to you.

Problem: Navigation keys do not respond

Several users report that the navigation keys of the software at the bottom of the Note 9 screen freeze and do not respond. Users have reported that the problem is intermittent, but when it occurs it can take 10 to 20 touches to press a command, and often the problem does not go away until the phone restarts.

It seems that the problem is restricted only to devices that use Samsung's default Samsung Experience; A user using Nova Launcher said he only had the problem while he was on the home page of his Note 9.

Apparently, the reason for the problem is a recent update of Samsung Pay, which explains why this problem has not been since the launch of Note 9.

Try out:

  • It seems that a phone restart will clear the problems, at least for a while.
  • A user informed that changing the theme of his Note 9 through the Samsung Themes application solved his problems. This is highly anecdotal, but it is worth a try if the problem arises constantly.


  • Since the problem is linked to Samsung Pay, the Samsung Pay configuration should be sufficient to solve it. It seems that some form of Samsung Pay's invisible popup is blocking the keys, and that box disappears once Samsung Pay is set. It's a strange solution, yes, but it seems to work.
  • The problem seems to have been solved with the Android 9.0 update for the Note 9.

Problem: the camera either delays or freezes for a few seconds

Users of the official Samsung forums and XDA developers have complained of delays and freezes while using the Note 9 camera. This problem seems to occur when taking pictures and recording videos. The ?Camera failed? warning also seems to be linked to this problem.