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Some media claim that Key Lime Pie arrive in May 2013


Some media claim that Key Lime Pie arrive in May 2013

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December 3, 2012

Android 5.0 rumor

Despite the little time that has passed since the last update of Android, we have been receiving news about Key Lime Pie. According to the latest rumors, the name and date of submission of Android 5.0, which would not take place until May 2013, would have been confirmed by employees of Google. However, on this occasion there are enough reasons to be skeptical about the credibility of this information.

The news is starting to circulate on the network that from within Google would have been confirmed since Key Lime Pie It is definitely the next step in the evolution of Android and, even, some media claim that a release date is already known: May 2013. Although the release of the next update of Android it always generates expectation and, surely, many would be glad that there was official confirmation that it is on its way, it does not seem that in this case there are reasons to give free rein to optimism.

It is not just that the alleged confirmation is not in any official way, but that it comes from an employee and also, as Engadget reports, not even he intended to affirm it that way, since all the speculations, although it seems incredible, simply start from a drawing of his that tried to represent the evolution of the operating system of Google, parodying the typical representation of the evolution of the human being. As if that were not enough, the employee in question does not even work in the development of Androidbut in Gmail.

Less credibility we can give even to the supposed launch date announced by some means, since it seems in principle to relate to statements of this employee but, of which, at least we, we have not been able to find any type of confirmation. However, it is likely that this can be considered good news because, in fact, all the indications we have so far seem to indicate that it could take place even before, since benchmarks of devices have already been seen working with Android 5.0 and there are leaks from a team of LG that it would incorporate it and that it would be launched precisely in May, so that unless it was a Nexus, the normal thing is that Key Lime Pie It would have been released quite earlier.