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Sleep better with the help of this simple application

Smartphones have become a tool so used in our day to day that sometimes we are not aware that you have to put it aside. One thing I usually do every day is to leave my cell phone in the living room when I go to bed, so I won't be tempted to use it for too long.

It is true that there are functions that allow us to use it without revealing it, or at least minimizes that possibility. But the reality is that sometimes we forget what time it is and when we realize we have already lost several hours of sleep.

To avoid that, a developer has created an app called Go To Sleep, which he does is remind us by programmable notifications that we have to leave the phone and try to fall asleep.

A simple app that can help us sleep better

This application is installed from the Google store and will let us know if we have spent our bedtime. This time can be programmed in the application itself, as well as the number of times we want to be modified and even the text of those notifications.

You can also change their range. We can put it to remind us once every minute for 5 minutes or once every 10 minutes for half an hour, to give two examples.

Obviously it will be in us to leave the mobile on the bedside table and close our eyes, but of course we will not stay awake because we have not been aware of the time. Obviously we can also use it for other types of reminders, simply changing the messages that will jump in the notification window.

The application is free although it has advanced functions that we can unlock in two ways. The first is making a payment. The second is activating the ads within the application. A great way to give various options to users.