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SketchBook Ink is born, a New Drawing Application for iPad

Autodesk spear SketchBook Ink, a new application for iPad. The application allows you draw on the iPad as if you did it with a pen on a canvas. The interface is very simple, it works in full screen and allows you to rotate the canvas horizontally or vertically according to your preferences.

SketchBook Ink iPad

SketchBook Ink It includes a guide to take the first steps in the application. You can also have 7 types of pen, with different strokes and thicknesses, and two types of eraser.

The interface is very simple. Press the screen to bring up the color palette, and move two fingers as a clamp to zoom.

A very curious feature of SketchBook Ink It is the possibility of importing images to draw on them. You can also record the images, in the library of your iPad, in PNG format of up to 12.6MP.

SketchBook Ink allows you to save the canvases that we have created in the application with a resolution of up to 100 Megapixels, and share them through iTunes and Dropbox.

Here is the SketchBook Ink video for iPad:

Autodesk always does a very professional job with its applications. This time SketchBook Ink it has surprised us especially for the ability to create files with such quality, 100 Megapixels. The application is optimized for the Retina Display screen of your New iPad and your works of art will look really good.