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Seven tips to highlight your company's profile on LinkedIn

  • According to Zariance, LinkedIn has more than 600 million users worldwide

  • On average, people who use the social network spend 17 minutes a day on it

  • Up to six out of ten interact with its content because it is interesting or educational

As a platform, LinkedIn is one of the most interesting social networks for brands. It not only allows professionals to create and develop strong networks of contacts. In addition, according to Foundation, is a goldmine for B2B brands, being the most used platform of companies in the Fortune 500 list. Therefore, it is crucial that business profiles stand out from their rivals. According to the same platform, there are seven simple tips to achieve it:

Have a full LinkedIn profile

It is necessary that every aspect and information that can be displayed from a company is present on its official website. So, you have to write the mission and purpose of business, always using relevant keywords and phrases that help positioning. You also have to use a logo and background image to create a powerful hook for any new visitor. It is also essential to add data such as URL, location and employees.

Supplement publications with good graphics

Within LinkedIn, it?s crucial that businesses consistently share content and posts with his followers and the general public. Thus, they can stay in the top of mind of your audience and increase your chances of converting some sales. However, for these efforts to reach their full potential, they must be accompanied by good visual resources. Otherwise, they may go unnoticed by people while watching their newsfeed

Use LinkedIn content suggestions

The technology platform allows companies to see topics or topics that may be attractive to their audience. These ideas are very valuable for brands, especially when their production efforts begin to stagnate. Also, this utility lets businesses see what things are trending that can be beneficial to their community. In this way, the interaction rate with users can be significantly increased.

Related Notes

Involve the community

As with other platforms in the industry, LinkedIn is primarily a social network. His most professional style does not affect his main objective: to create networks of contact and community. In this sense, it is crucial that companies invest a good part of their time trying to keep in touch with their audience. In this way, it is not only easier to detect opportunities for growth and customer service. It is also easier to cultivate a feeling of loyalty.

Do not miss the Showcase from LinkedIn

In the case of larger companies or corporations, several products, services or business units are very likely to coexist; Each with its own brand. In this sense, it is very inconvenient (and advisable) to handle them all from the same profile. With this utility, the social network allows you to create independent profiles for several elements under one roof. Thus, although control is concentrated, each one is given a voice.

Get to know the audience in depth

Many people already know the old principle that what is not known cannot be improved. This also applies to customer communities and, by extension, to the audiences that are within LinkedIn. For marketing strategies to have the maximum impact, brands must ensure that they have complete and complex knowledge of their followers. Otherwise, it is difficult to execute the correct sales strategies to boost the business.

Customize calls to action on LinkedIn

While the social network is powerful for conducting business deals, it is not infallible. Brands and people should still do their part to develop strategies that help them close sales. In this sense, it is essential to carry out concrete and attractive Call-To-Action. Thus, not only can capitalize more on the attention that people are already paying. With a good sales strategy, the number of customers can be increased.