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Scientists propose 4D printing as a transforming technology

Scientists propose 4D printing as a transforming technology

While 3D printing continues to mark milestones in this era, researchers at the ARC Center of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) at Wollongong University (UOW) are taking that experience to another level.

Spokesmen of the mentioned house of studies, have informed that the team of right-handed in science has begun to develop 3D printed objects with the ability to transform from one form to another under the influence of external stimuli such as water or heat, which The final one will be translated into 4D printing.

In the same way, it has been known that this innovation aims to expand to various fields, such as medicine, construction, automation and robotics, among others.

Shannon Bakarich (PhD student), Dr. Robert Gorkin III and Marc professors at het Panhuis and Geoff Spinks, have published the work in Rapid Communications macromolecular under the title 4D Printing with robust mechanics, thermally hydrogel drive.

Delving into the subject, it is worth mentioning that to give the first lights of this invention, the group of scientists focused on the medical field of soft robotics, developing a valve that is activated in response to the surrounding water temperature without the need for others inputs

In this sense, those of the UOW have reviewed that according to the explanation of Professor Marc in het Panhuis, the aforementioned valve – which is simply collected from the printer – does not need assembly, because its structure is 3D printed and has actuators that are activated only by water; what makes it moreover, autonomous.

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