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Scam alert: beware of fake burger promotions on Facebook

The attack used malware aimed at users in Mexico and Brazil through the use of email spam and the distribution of unscrupulous campaigns on Facebook Credit: Courtesy ESET

The IT security firm ESET revealed a new scam circulating on Facebook based on malicious advertising that spreads false promotions from the McDonald's food chain. "Its main objectives are the theft of money and credentials. A variant of this Trojan tried to steal personal data from home banking and credit cards from Brazilian users," the firm said.

This attack is based on Mispadu, a family of malware that spread in the last months Brazil and Mexico, and whose dissemination was spread through the use of spam and with false advertisements on social networks, such as sponsored ads on Facebook where They offer fake discount coupons at McDonald's.

One of the apocryphal coupons used to steal personal and bank information by using campaigns with fake ads on FacebookOne of the approved coupons used to steal personal and bank information by using campaigns with fake ads on Facebook Credit: Courtesy ESET

Computer criminals used this resource of promotions apcrifas as seuelo to redirect the traffic to a malicious website, from where the Misdapu Trojan was downloaded. In addition to stealing the user's personal data, the malware also made screenshots and performed random movements of keys or the mouse pointer on the affected computers, detailed ESET
in the technical report of the computer attack.

As always, to avoid falling into these types of scams with malware, it is best to use common sense so as not to click on discounts and promotions of that kind on social networks or in emails of doubtful origin. These types of precautions also have to be present in WhatsApp chats, where scams with malware spread with fake warnings of
free coffee makers and
supermarket promotions.