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Ristar is the last classic game that joins SEGA Forever for free

True to its promise to bring Android its classics in free format, SEGA Forever now includes the game Ristar. You can now download it without cost.

When we learned that SEGA planned to take their most classic Master System, Mega Drive and Dreamcast titles to mobile phones, we were very happy. Playing Android on Sonic or Altered Beast reliving the nostalgia of when we had our console? We bought the idea instantly. And the best thing was to discover that you didn't have to buy anything, SEGA Forever offers free classics. With your hits, obviously.

The SEGA Forever classic games catalog is still fair, but the Japanese promised to add games frequently. And now we have the latest inclusion: Ristar The 1995 video game that appeared on Mega Drive and Game Gear lands on our smartphones with a perfect adaptation of the original. You know: it's free with their respective ads; that you can unlock for 1.99 euros.

Perfect conversion with improved on-screen buttons

New free SEGA Forever game: Ristar joins the collection of classics

There are no problems with the movement, graphics and general appearance of Ristar: if you played it at the time, it will instantly transfer you to those times. Adapted to touch screens with controls that could be better. Although the game allows you to modify the position, choose between two different styles and also make the buttons translucent. Further, Ristar is compatible with physical controls.

Platforms with great similarities with Sonic (same development team with an idea that was the basis of Sonic himself), colorful, simple in the approach and with all the style of the classic 16-bit arcade. Six different planets to discover and screens full of recesses that invite exploration.

Do you get nostalgic and can't wait to download Ristar on your Android mobile? Go for it: it is already available in the Google Play Store. SE-GA!