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Remove and move applications on iOS devices 13

finger selecting iphone application

The appearance of iOS 13 came with many new features and its acceptance was so great that after iOS 7 the operating system has become most liked for the majority of users, who today still exclaim the great benefits offered by this new system, which is already in almost 90% of the devices.

Its new features have made improve your performance in terms of use, but it has a small detail that has intervened so that other users hesitate to confirm that it is a perfect iOS. The process for delete applications.

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Add to 3DTouch

With the output of the 3DTouch and the HapticTouch implementation, removing applications has changed, it's a bit tedious and this It turns out to be annoying for many. Previously, it was enough to keep in mind the force in which the screen was pressed without using the 3DTouch. It was simple, keep the application without force selected, thus immediately making the X icon appear in the upper left corner and being able to delete the selected application.

Now with the HapticTouch this is different, because when wanting to do the above no longer appears the X, instead displays a menu as if we were using the 3DTouch and are shown some options typical of the application. So how to remove applications?

Procedures to move or delete applications

There are two procedures. The first is Hold down the application icon, which appear the menu deployed and select Reorder apps option. With this appear the X and we can move the applications or delete them.

The other procedure is to press and hold the application icon and immediately make a small movement towards a free space on the screen. With this the menu does not appear, instead the X will be displayed and we can move the applications or delete them, something like that to the method of previous iOS systems.

Move apps ios screen 13

For move applications you can do any of the procedures mentioned above and voila, the icons will start to shake and can be reordered. still available multi-selection; which is done by pressing and holding the first application to move and then selecting with a touch the following ones that you want to move together.