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Real prices for all Europe of the Samsung Galaxy Note

Reading an interview of our Bestofmicro colleagues to Philippe Barthelet, one of Samsung's vice-presidents worldwide, we discover the price that the Samsung Galaxy Note will have that we liked so much.

Barthelet announces that the Galaxy Note will be priced at ? 549 free, and that will surely be around ? 200 according to operator price plans. He also states that it will be his star product of the end of the year, so we can assume that it will reach Christmas.

In the rest of the interview, which is worth reading, Philippe Barthelet comments that the day they were shown the product, they said "it's too big", but in the end one customary very quickly. Comment that while it fits in one hand, it is more than enough. Mr. Barthelet says that creating devices like this create new customs in consumers.

The Galaxy Note in principle is more productivity-oriented, not to use it as a phone, but you never know.

Although other prices of the Galaxy Note have been leaked (around 740?) and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 (around 670?), we believe that deserve more credibility the words of a vice president of Samsung that not of a blog.

Let each one keep the price they prefer: D

Full Interview | BestofMicro (French)

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