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Razr 2: everything we know about Motorola's next foldable phone

comparative motorola razr vs samsung galaxy fold featMotorola has just presented its first folding phone, the Motorola Razr, which not only borrows the name of the iconic Razr V3 but also evokes its classic design. The Razr bends vertically, folding the top of the screen over the bottom, leaving a protrusion protruding to fit flush with the folded screen. However, even though this is a phone just out of the oven, it is likely that the company is already studying the possibility of a similar next device. This is all we know about the Motorola Razr 2.

According to a patent discovered by Lets Go Digital, the Motorola Razr 2 is being developed, and it will be able to show off some impressive eight touch sensors on its sides.

These sensors may be very useful for using the telephone on a daily basis, and will work differently depending on whether the telephone is open or closed. For example, when it is open, they can be used to launch some of your most used applications, and when they close, they can be used to activate features such as Google Assistant. According to Lets Go Digital, the combination of touch sensors could allow 20 different functions and gestures.

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The device will not be the first to offer touch sensors along the edges of the phone. HTC and Google have launched phones that can activate Google Assistant when you squeeze the edges, although this feature is not as advanced as the next Razr touch sensors could be. Of course, having eight touch sensors on the sides of the phones may present some problems. For example, it will presumably be easy to accidentally activate the sensors simply by holding the phone, but it is something that will surely be taken into account in the development of the process.

The patent shows some other features that Razr tracking could offer. For example, it has a fingerprint sensor on the screen, which is a bit more advanced than the fingerprint sensor on the bottom edge of the current Razr. That said, the location of the fingerprint sensor will make it impossible to use the sensor when the phone is closed, which means that Motorola may have to include two sensors if it wants to offer decent functionality on the secondary display on the outside of the device.

Of course, as with any patent application, there is no guarantee that this technology will see the light of day. We will keep you informed with news.

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