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Phoenix Point, creator of X-COM, gets new breakthrough before launch

The independent studio Snapshot Games released a new development update one week before the launch of its Phoenix Point strategy and action title. The tactical combat game is created by the original designer who created the popular X-COM franchise and follows the steps with similar gameplay and configuration. Watch the new trailer here! [/ embed]

Julian Gollop destroys the gaming industry in the mid-90s with X-COM: Ufo Defense. The unique combination of strategy, tactics, brutal combat in a high-risk scenario of an alien invasion consolidates the game as one of the most important PC games of the decade and generated a lasting franchise. At the beginning of the decade, the series was restarted and immediately achieved great success. The fight against alien invaders like the helpless human must have an inherent appeal.

The world is beset by a mutant alien threat. Civilization has retired to scattered shelters throughout the world. Divided into rival factions, the rest of humanity struggles to resist an overwhelming threat. The Phoenix Project, inactive for years, comes back to life, bringing together the best and brightest in the whole world in one goal: to give humanity the last chance to rise from the ashes.

However, the creator of the series stopped working in the franchise after the second title in 1997. Gollop remained in the shade for many years, even spending several years in UbiSoft. In 2013, he started his new studio with Snapshot Games and launched the fantasy role-playing game Chaos Reborn. But the real bomb exploded in 2016 when I joked with a darker tactical strategy game that will become Phoenix Point. With X-COM under his belt, the fans of the genre and the franchise were eager to finance the development of the game in Fig.

If you are subscribed to the Microsoft Game Pass for PC, be delighted to know that Phoenix Point will be available on Day 1 in the great service when it is released on December 3 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.