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Mobile available on November 22

Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies

Since their arrival on the market on October 1, the Call of Duty guys in their mobile version has managed to beat the different records that had previously reached both PUBG and Fortnite at the time of its launch, reaching 150 million downloads.

However, the income that is being generated through the application at the moment seems to they are not responding as you would expect, where PUBG is the undisputed king well above Fortnite. In addition, not all game modes are available, at least they won't be until next November 22.

As of November 22, from Activision they will activate via zombie update or remotely, a mode available within the game but not available since it is available in the market for both iOS and Android. This date It has been confirmed by the company itself through its Twitter account, so it is official and not based on a rumor.

Presumably this new zombie mode It will work just like the version available for both PCs and consoles, where we start with a gun and as we go above levels, we get credits to buy new weapons.

To be able to enjoy Call of Duty: Mobile it is necessary if or if an internet connection. However, in this zombie mode, the Internet connection is not necessary since we do not compete against other players, so the permanent connection required by the game should not be a requirement.

Unfortunately I doubt that this is so, although it would be a point in favor in this type of games to allow players to enjoy this new way in any place and situation without having to depend on our data rate.

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