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Mini Lidl, create your own supermarket with this popular sper game

A new Android game has broken into the Spanish Google Play Store this week to stand at number 1 for the entertainment section. Have you ever dreamed of having your supermarket?

The mobile is an advertising medium that most brands try to reach. Often with direct advertising on the web and in applications, and others with apps designed to make the brand more known and reach a better reputation. In this sense we have Mini Lidl, an entertaining game suitable for children with which you can create and manage your own supermarket.

Beyond that the game itself is quite good and that it is suitable for almost all ages, the most curious thing about Mini Lidl is its meteoric rise to the weekly tops of the Google Play Store. Top 2 behind WhatsApp and top 1 for its category, that of games. With this background it was time to review it, especially since the criticisms are not bad. As we say, the game is pretty good.

Resource management without tons of options

The most popular Google Play game is this supermarket creator

Mini Lidl is a simple supermarket simulator in which we will start with a place to plant all the product stands. We will control what we sell, their prices, the evolution of sales and even the type of customer. Everything to get the maximum amount of virtual money possible and also Lidl points; that will allow us to unlock special items, as usual.

The graphics are as simple as the initial approach, making it not a heavy game that can be played in a wide age range. Like all resource management games our supermarket will evolve depending on how well we do it with our customers. Come on, it is still a parallel with a normal trade, which for that is the game of a distribution franchise.

The most popular Google Play game is this supermarket creator

Beyond the logical reluctance, Mini Lidl offers a satisfactory gaming experience that will please those who enjoy Sim City court games but don't want to break their heads by managing hundreds of variables. Without making it simple, earning money in Mini Lidl is an arduous task.

Fun, free and without in-app purchases

The most popular Google Play game is this supermarket creator

Something good should have the fact that Mini Lidl is the game of a brand: the download is complete and free (advertising is the application itself). It is in Spanish and is suitable for a huge variety of phones and tablets. What will it have to be placed in the top downloads? Find out, I'm sure you're surprised.