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Minecraft Earth reaches 1.4 million mobile downloads in the last week

Total discharges worldwide are close to 2.5 million according to the Sensor Tower.

From Mojang Minecraft earth launched on November 12 in the United States and has seen a fairly strong response so far. According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data, the AR game has had 1.4 million downloads in the last week. This is in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Total global downloads for the game are currently close to 2.5 million.

Although not close to the likes of Niantic Pokmon GO, Minecraft earth It is still in early access and is slowly being implemented. Currently, the United States represents 1.2 million of all downloads in the last week with Britain following 71,000. Apple App Store performs more than 1 million installations, followed by Google Play with 376,000 downloads.

In terms of revenue, the title has generated $ 93,000 so far, and the United States again represents the lion's share at $ 86,000. Similarly, the App Store had the largest amount of $ 62,000 with Google Play making $ 31,000. However, it is still early, so stay tuned for more details about the future of Minecraft earth.