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Microsoft seeks the confrontation with Android with an offensive tweet


Microsoft seeks the confrontation with Android with an offensive tweet

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December 5, 2012

Android surface

Microsoft again seeks direct confrontation against one of its competitors in the mobile device sector. To the company run by Steve Ballmer It is costing him to start in number of sales with Windows 8 and Surface and it seems that they have chosen to generate controversy with a tweet, something insulting to the convinced users of Android, in order to get some notoriety. Is this a good strategy?

We do not know if it is due to despair or a kind of eagerness to show a hooligan attitude, but Microsoft has once again directly lashed out at one of its competitors. This time he has done it from his Twitter account inviting users to report their bad experiences with malware on the platform Android and include the hashtag #DroidRage. The (somewhat free) translation of the tweet could be something like. "Do you have any horror stories with Android malware as the protagonist? tell your best-worst anecdote including the hashtag #DroidRage and we may have a gift for you"

Microsoft tweetIt is not the first time that Microsoft charge against Android For a similar reason. A couple of weeks ago we echoed some statements from Steve Ballmer in which he accused, on the one hand, Manzana for its enormous control over users and, on the other, to the operating system of Google due to its low reliability in keeping its devices safe. Community Android he soon responded and now he does it again affirming that Microsoft It is not a precisely legitimized brand to accuse anyone of being vulnerable to viruses and infections, and the truth is that they are absolutely right.

Low sales figures of convertible tablets with Windows 8 and from his own team, Microsoft Surface, accumulated so far may be making the company's managers a little nervous Redmond, which seem to opt for a somewhat twisted path to gain a place in the sector. If they tried to do things a little better for the user, and they made an effort to lower the price of their product a little, they could probably fish in the traditional user of PCs, land where it has a good base from which leave However, the option seems to be to fight to steal followers of Manzana and Android. We'll see if it works for them.