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Jelly Bean is unstoppable and Gingerbread loses the absolute majority


Jelly Bean is unstoppable and Gingerbread loses the absolute majority

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January 4, 2013

Android Evolution

Like every month, the percentages of each different version within the system have arrived Android. Although it is clear that the figures are quite progressive with respect to the latest deliveries and there are no big surprises, Jelly bean It continues to grow at a fairly high rate to the point of practically doubling last month's records. It is almost impossible for something like this to remain, but if the growth rate of this version 4.1 and 4.2 still constant, in two months it would be present in almost half of the androids.

The distribution tracking data by system versions Android show again a strong advance of Jelly bean which has gone from being in approximately 6.5% of the devices Android to be in 10.2% being, again, the version that has grown the most in this month. Ice Cream Sandwich, on the other hand, does not stop gaining user share, standing at 29.1%. Actually the editions of Android 4, are the only ones that are still growing, because all the others lose share in favor of these two. A case that we can highlight is that of Gingerbread which has finally lost absolute dominance in the operating system of Google.

Android January

As we say, the progression of Jelly bean It is quite impressive and denotes, surely, the huge amount of new equipment with the system Android that are being launched, as well as, in part, the efforts of some manufacturers to update their devices, something that should become a good habit and not in a kind of grace towards users. On the other hand, there are still many computers from an era in which updating the operating system was not something too important, only that explains the domain (although no longer absolute) of a system like Gingerbread.

The next big system evolution Android it will come from the hand of the version 5.0 Key Lime Pie, which has already appeared in the benchmarks of different devices. Of course, the device that inaugurates this latest installment must be a Nexus, as has happened in recent occasions. In May the annual event of Google, where it became known Jelly bean in 2012, and it could be a good time to present the new evolution of the operating system, although with the CES just around the corner anyone knows what can happen.