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Jelly Bean continues to grow to double its quota in a month


Jelly Bean continues to grow to double its quota in a month

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December 4, 2012

Jelly Bean adoption

The adoption data of the operating system of Google in this month they show a good growth of Jelly bean 4.1 and 4.2 that reaches almost 6.7% of the devices Android, which represents a 4% increase over last October. The quota is still small but the growth rate is quite high. For its part Ice Cream Sandwich goes from 25.8 to 27.5. We show you all the figures.

The latest system versions Android More and more users are arriving. If at the last count we saw that the proportion of devices that had Android 4.0 or higher it was 28.5% now this rate already reaches 34.2%. Growth has occurred mostly in Jelly bean, since version 4.1, which has doubled its quota and, in addition, we must add the arrival of the devices with Android 4.2, fundamentally the equipment of the range Nexus. However it is a bit daunting that Gingerbread continue to maintain the absolute majority, even though your quota falls (minimally).

Android Adoption

We return to the same as always, the fragmentation of Android As an operating system, it is to blame that, frequently, its users cannot enjoy the latest versions. This factor constitutes a dramatic difference between platforms when compared to device owners. iOS, but it also has some positive notes such as the fact that many people who do not need, are not willing or who cannot make large disbursements, have access to low-cost equipment, or that companies diversify the offer by creating their own environments Android, as is the obvious case of Amazon or of Samsung with TouchWiz.

However, little by little we began to see movements from Google to tackle the problem of fragmentation. If they are not too drastic yet they are looking for at least that the developers do not focus on a particular brand or manufacturer and leave the ecosystem as such. It is a very directed measure, it seems, to Amazon, which has already released a game only compatible with its own platform. Google, so far, has decided to change the terms of use of the Development Kit of its software. If you want to know more about this, our Android Help partners offer more detailed information.