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Huawei Sound X: intelligent speaker with high resolution audio

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In your launch event today, Huawei announced its new flagship tablet MatePad Pro. Along with it came a new smart speaker called Sound X. The new audio product was jointly developed with Devialet, a French audio company.

Huawei Sound X specifications

Sound X design

The Sound X has a cylindrical design thought to get a 360 surround sound. It has a finish in two tones: glazed upper half and lower half mesh. There is a cut in the speaker body for the subwoofer.

The upper part is where the capacitive controls. There is a striking rainbow light effect when the speaker is on or the AI ??voice assistant is active.


Two subwoofers

The Huawei Sound X has two 3.5 subwoofers (60W in total) and uses technology of SAM bass enhancement. Huawei says this is the first smart speaker With high resolution audio certification. The bass can play ultra-low frequencies of 40Hz, allowing you to feel the effect of bass on your body.

The speaker has a 93 decibel sound intensity. Even at such a high volume, the sounds are not distorted. This is because the speaker uses the Devialet Push-Push acoustic design. The Push-Push design has two symmetrical woofers installed in a confined space and cancels the noise generated at a high volume using the backwave thrust generated by each woofer.

Six speakers

There are six 1.5 ? and 8W midrange speakers evenly distributed along with subwoofers. The speakers adjust using Huawei Histen sound algorithm. The Sound X also has spatial awareness, so adjust the sound output depending on where it is placed. There are six microphones placed around the speaker that can pick up voice from a distance of up to 5 meters. The four-core processor combination MediaTek MT8518 1.5GHz and anti-interference signal processing technology ensures that your commands are captured even in a noisy environment.

Pairing with the phone and another speaker

Playing music from the phone is very easy. The speaker has NFC and if your phone also has NFC you just have to touch it against the NFC icon on the speaker. The Sound X smart speaker can also be Combine with another unit for a dual speaker mode. You just have to double tap the multifunction button to quickly enter the dual speaker mode.

Of course, this is a smart speaker, so it can be used to control smart home products that are compatible. Huawei HiLink technology works with products from Midea, Gree, TCL, Haier, Skyworth, Bosch, Siemens and more.