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How to turn off the iPhone X (Gua)

Apple recently launched its flagship device for 2017: the iPhone X. The new bezel-free device is packaged on a stellar screen, and it looks amazing. But to achieve such a good screen, Apple decided to skip the Start button on its device. This eventually leads to the power button that acts as the start button for Siri. Now, although this is quite convenient for users who are fantastic Siri, it certainly leaves users wondering how to turn off the device. Well, don't worry, since we bring you a simple guide on how to turn off your iPhone X. So without further ado, let's start:

Turn off your iPhone X

  • First, press and hold the power button together with any other volume button, until your device vibrates.

  • his device should now show options to turn off the device or put the device in emergency SOS mode.

  • Simply slide the power icon to the right side to turn off the device .

Easily turn off your iPhone X

With the iPhone X, Apple has brought a ton of changes. With the exclusion of the Start button, many key combinations have been modified. While you can still turn off your device with the power key, you must accompany it with any of the volume keys. The previous guide should be useful to help you turn it off. While the combo is still relatively easy, I would have preferred Siri to have a voice command to turn off the device. But what do you feel? How are you getting used to the new controls on the iPhone X? Let us know in the comments section.