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How to know if my password is safe

How to know if my passwords are safe

How to know if my passwords are safe

Are you afraid that your password will be discovered by someone? Well then it is time to verify if it is weak or strong. To be able to do so, you don't have to be a computer expert since There are sites on the Internet that check if the password you use for your accounts is secure or not.

How to know if my passwords are safe

In order to know if the passwords you use on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram and other services are safe, you must not download any application. The only thing you should do is enter Safety Detectives. That site in question, perform different tests automatically to the passwords that are entered in the tool.

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The operation of service It's very simple, just put the password in the blank and voila. In a matter of seconds, Safety Detectives will tell you if the password is very weak, weak, good, strong or very strong, everything depends on how many characters you have.

What happens if my passwords are not safe?

If after having put your passwords on this site, the service tells you that none is safe, or that they are not as secure as you thought, you can ask the tool to generate a password random

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These passwords generated automatically by the site are safe and indecipherable. The same, according to what we have seen, they have letters, symbols and several words, so that a system that is responsible for finding passwords will cost at least 10 years to be able to decipher them.

If you are not convinced to change the passwords you use in your accounts for a random one, You can create your own and check how safe it is. Of course, we recommend using a different password in each service where you have an account created. In this way, if any of these passwords is decrypted, they cannot access the other services.

In case you make the decision to use a different password for each of your accounts, we recommend you download a password manager. This type of applications allow you to store all passwords in one place, that is, you will never have to remember a password again.

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