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How to disappear from the Internet and delete the accounts of all your online services

When deleting an app is not enough to eliminate your presence on the Internet, these sites have a directory to manage the final withdrawal of many online services

With more than 2450 million users,
 It is the largest social network in the world. The company led by
Mark Zuckerberg
 also has
 , other two of the most summoning online services. It is not the only firm that attracts the attention of users in
 : they are also
 And the list goes on.

Opening an account in these services or apps is very simple, the problem is finding the exit door, when you no longer want to be part of these online spaces. Although it is almost impossible to erase your entire presence on the Internet, a number of useful resources allow you to start the task simply and directly.

For this type of cases there are the directories that compile the direct links to manage the cancellation of the online service. With a limited but effective list,
Network Law offers 20 links in
Eliminate me, a compilation to manage the withdrawal on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Google, LinkedIn and many other services.

For its part,

Account Killer is a site that offers direct instructions so that users can cancel their online presence on sites such as Facebook, Google or Instagram. It also has classifications to identify services that prevent this process, as with Skype, which is part of the site's blacklist.

With a similar proposal,

Just Delete Me also offers a directory with links to unsubscribe in many online services, all identified with a color classification to identify the level of difficulty in managing account deletion.