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Honor attacks with new MagicBook laptops, good design and AMD processors

A full day for Honor, since apart from presenting a new smartwatch the Asian company has announced two new laptops of the product range Honor MagicBook. We show what each of them offers that, in addition to offering a good design, has important features in its components.

There are two models offered by the firm as new, both manufactured in aluminum and with excellent options in what has to do with the design as for example that the webcam is integrated in the keyboard (it opens in a retractable way) and that, in addition, in the power button a fingerprint reader which ensures that nobody can access the contents of the laptops – and that is compatible with Windows Hello s, the operating system is Microsoft's own.

The best accessories for laptops that should be carried in the backpack

It is important to note that it has increased touchpad size by 11% so that the use of the mouse is very simple, and that the two Honor MagicBook models that have been announced include the function Multi-screen, which allows you to combine the mobile terminal you have to control it directly with the computer – and in this way, for example, to copy and paste content easily.

Design of the new Honor MagicBook

This is the 15-inch Honor MagicBook

This is the largest screen model of the two that have been presented, and has an IPS type panel of 15.6 inches with Full HD resolution and aspect ratio of 16: 9 (the frontal use is 87%, an excellent brand). The dimensions of this device are 357.8 x 229.9 x 16.9 mm and the weight remains at 1.53 kilos.

Inside there are processors AMD Ryzen, which can be of the range 5 or 7 depending on the needs (3700U and 3500U respectively). This makes the integrated graphic a Radeon Vega own manufacturer, which ensures adequate performance with the games. In what has to do with memory, it is possible to use up to 16 GB type DDR4 and storage is SSD type with 256 or 512 options gigas.

Front image of the Honor MagicBook

Other options that should be known of this model of the Honor MagicBook range, are the ones listed below:

  • Connectivity: USB Type C (compatible with Power Delivery); HDMI; USB 3.0: headphone jack; USB 2.0
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi Dual Band.
  • 42 Wh battery
  • Available colors: silver and gray

What does the 14-inch Honor MagicBook offer differently

Many options are shared, such as the processor that has been chosen from AMD and that the memory is identical to the previous model (even, the connectivity is exactly the same). But obviously there are some differences that are important to know. To start the size of the IPS screen is 14 inches, without varying the Full HD resolution. That s the frontal exploitation it is somewhat inferior and stays in the 84%.

Available in the same colors, the dimensions of this version of the Honor MagicBook are 322.5 x 214.8 x 15.9 millimeters and the weight drops to 1.38 kilos. As far as the battery is concerned, the charge it offers is really good: 56 Wh, so that a good autonomous is assured.

Availability and price of new laptops

The 15-inch model can be purchased from the day December 1st This year, while the one with a smaller screen will be somewhat slower to arrive, since it has been reported to be on the fifth of next month when it becomes available. In what has to do with prices, the first of those we have indicated can be achieved from 465 euros to change, while the 14-inch one comes from 425. The truth is that they are quite interesting models that, hopefully, reach Spain.