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Hackers steal personal data from almost a million T-Mobile customers

unlock phone change company weekly rewind t mobile revvl 8 11 17 768x768The personal data of almost a million T-Mobile customers has been exposed in a massive hack. The vulnerability, which has alarming similarities with another cyber attack that occurred in 2018, was discovered earlier this month and closed immediately, the company said.

In a message to affected customers, the third most popular operator in the United States said its cybersecurity team had recently discovered malicious and unauthorized access to certain information related to T-Mobile accounts.

The company explains that the stolen data is likely to have included information associated with a customer's prepaid service account, including name, billing address (if provided when the account was set up), phone number, account number , rate plan and details of other additional features, such as international calls or personal communications.

T-Mobile ensures that no financial data was taken from its customers, such as credit card numbers or bank accounts, nor were social security numbers included. Account passwords are also safe, the company said.

This last security flaw reaches only one year from another similar cyber attack that affected around 2 million T-Mobile customers at the end of 2018. In that case, the company attributed in incident to an unidentified group of international hackers. The origin of the most recent attack was not yet known.

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