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Grid 4 and Grid 10 Smartphone and tablet with another taste of Android

Some time ago we already said something about these two devices, grid 4 and grid 10. We did it in Omicrono, talking about the gridOS operating system. A variant of Android, which retains its core and its 100% compatibility with all applications, but with a very different air to what we are used to. We gave a good review of the system and saw how it worked from the hand of its creator. We also comment a juicy drop in the price of the Grid 10 tablet. Today we will know a little more detail both the Smartphone (grid 4) and the tablet (grid10). Meet this couple with a different and interesting android flavor.

As we have already shown you, the operating system in these devices is a pass. Fluent, intelligent and very intuitive. It gives a feeling of total smoothness in movements and gestures. But for this to work this well behind there must be some pieces of hardware that give us all that power. Let's explain a little what it is.

Grid 4, the Smartphone

The Grid 4 has a Qualcomm MSM8255 dual core processor, and a screen with a very interesting resolution: 800 × 480. Rear camera 5mpx with LED flash and ability to record at 720p. Front camera for video called VGA. It has 512MB RAM, 1330mAh battery and Bluetooth 2.1.

All this embedded in a beautiful, minimalist and elegant design. I don't tell you, you better see it:

Grid 10, the Tablet

The tablet, like his brother Smartphone, has a Perfect and elegant aesthetic. A very fine size, although not as much as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It is very light and its back is made of a matte finish, which prevents our fingers from being marked.

It has a microsd socket, volume control, charger slot, headphone jack and power button. All well distributed and hidden, not breaking the aesthetics of the device.

The 10-inch tablet has the highest resolution of all that exist in the market so far, of 1366 x 768. 1.3 megapixel front camera, 5mpx rear, 16GB of internal memory and of course, Bluetooth 2.1. The processor of this bug is a Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core, with what power and quality graphics go hand in hand.

Of course, a video of Thenextweb's friends showing the benefits of this magnificent tablet:

And the recent announcement of its price reduction makes it even more attractive. It is amazing how well it works, and I firmly believe that it will have many possibilities to become a great competition in today's market.

What do you think of these little machines? Do you think they will have possibilities? Do you like gridOS?