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Google Stadia is launched, but it is far from being a stable service

The proposal of Google with Stadia is that instead of a powerful game console or PC Gamer, all you need is a good internet connection (at least 10 Mb / s or 35 Mb / s for 4K) and a device to access the game, basically a smart phone, tablet or computer that works well.

So, if you have an active account in the service, Google Stadia run the chosen game on their servers and transmit it to your device so you can play it.

For now, access is only available when you buy the $ 129 Premiere Edition package (approximately 117), but it provides a joystick, an Chromecast Ultra to access the game on TV and three months of Stadia Pro, then the service costs $ 9.99 per month (9).

How is Google Stadia working?

Gamers who have already had access to the platform say that Google Stadia really works, But with some observations. Let's start with the highlights, and the amount of games available for this debut is quite limited.

Initially the service will only have 12 games, but finally there were 22 games with which I debut Google Stadia. Also there is a general feeling that the still not readyAt most, it is a "beta" service intended only for those willing to embark on the adventure.

The Verge, point out that Google Stadia delivered the best image quality you've seen in a game streaming service, without showing "compression of unpleasant quality," for example. On the other hand, they also noticed a lack of details and texture limitations.

Wired, for example, says that ?even under ideal conditions (fiber optic internet access, direct touter connection and 4K OLED TV) there is a notable difference between playing a title in Google Stadia and playing the same game on a local device like a computer or a PS4. "

The expectation is that the situation will improve by 2020, when it will be launched Google Stadia, so to speak. That is because, in February, Stadia be available. Anyway, it seems that the company's intention with this release is a kind of "beta" aimed at identifying the points to improve. In that sense, you can keep your hopes.