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Exclusive Google Assistant commands arrive on the Sony Xperia XZ3

The Google Assistant is one of the most important projects of the company in a long time. The one that is postulated as a voice interface of its services is also able to integrate into a multitude of devices.

The normal thing is that we see it in the mobiles but even in them there are different degrees of implementation.

A few months ago Google took a leap and announced that manufacturers could integrate in it some of the actions of their mobile, to be able to execute them simply with a voice command. But so far we had not seen an important use of those possibilities.

The Sony Xperia XZ3 is updated with custom commands

Sony has decided that its new flagship, which we could test a few weeks ago, is able to detect these new commands and we can, for example, take photos in a very detailed way.

To start we have three ways to launch the wizard:

  • Pressing the start button twice.
  • Leaving the start button pressed.
  • Saying OK Google.

For example, we can modify the new control panel to a Side Sense hand by saying "Open the Side Sense settings" and we can even know more by asking "What is Side Sense" or "Tell me more about Side Sense".

The camera is another of the applications benefiting from this integration. We can say «Make a video in 4K HDR» or «Make a video in super slow motion».

And if we are not sure what we can do or not with the mobile there is another command "What can we do with this mobile" that will give us tips to squeeze the Sony Xperia XZ3 to the fullest.

This new feature will be available in five languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, German and French.

I hope I reach more mobiles

This move by Sony is interesting for what it means in the integration with voice commands, something that will go further in the coming years and that we hope that the rest of the manufacturers also end up implementing, either with the Google Assistant or with other alternatives like Alexa from Amazon.