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Earthquake-inspired shooter WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is now available in Early Access

3D Realms celebrates the launch of its new WRATH retro-recoil first-person shooter: Aeon of Ruin. The shooting game is now available on Steam as an early access title for only $ 23.74. Watch the launch trailer here!

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The FPS genre has been living a return to its glory days in recent years. The exciting industry trend is due both to independent developers who offer the same fast-paced, simple but satisfying experience of titles that define the genre as the original Doom and Quake, but also to large publishers who return their gigantic franchises to the previous glory as Bethesda did with Doom (2016). It is an impressive development in the genre for FPS fans who crave a simpler and more focused game design.

You are an outsider. Once drifting in the Eternal Sea, you are now on the banks of an agonizing world. From the consuming darkness emerges a figure wrapped in white, the Pastor of the Rebel Souls, who overwhelms you with the task of hunting the remaining Guardians of the Old World. You must travel to the vast penumbra to explore ancient ruins, discover forgotten secrets and fight the horrors lurking inside.

Earlier this year, veterans of 3D retro Realms shooters introduced WRATH: Aeon of Ruin. Unlike other retro-inspired shooting games, Aeon of Ruin is decidedly inclined to the Quake lineage of dark, gothic and horror elements. The rudimentary 3D fake images only reinforce it. It looks impressive on all fronts and will make you wonder what a small-scale game can be when developers maximize the use of aesthetics about pure fidelity. No wonder, since real Quake-tech is driving the game with Quake modders on the team. It is the best for a spiritual successor of the Quake games.

Now, WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is offering a central world with 2 levels, but the developer has shared the development roadmap that promises constant content updates in the form of new levels, enemies, weapons and more.