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Dodge missiles with your plane in the game Missile Escape

The latest addictive Android game is to dodge missiles and hold as long as possible in the air. This is Missile Escape, a reflex game that will hook you.

Action games for mobile phones test us in two ways: train our reflexes when responding and our ability to achieve a goal. The game that we bring you today for Android phones, Missile Escape, and meet these two objectives in a fun and effective way.

Missile Escape: dodge missiles with your plane

Missle Escape is a simple game: we just have to dodge the missiles that never stop coming against us, and for that we have different tricks, but the one we will use most is to move the plane. The objective is be in the air as long as possible, to fall the later the better.

The controls are very simple: press left to turn left, and press right to turn right. We can also protect us using flares and a shield, which are improved with stars. The final score is a sum of the time we have been in the air, the stars we have achieved and the missiles we have destroyed.

Missile Escape is available for free on Google Play. It contains a virtual currency (the stars) with which we can buy aircraft and upgrades. And this virtual currency is obtained in three ways: playing, watching ads or paying real money. Ads also appear in game menus.