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compilation of the most curious tricks

Smart speakers are here to stay. And it is a fact that the Google Home It is the great exponent to consider. More than anything because, the voice assistant of the giant based in Mountain View is, by far, the most complete of all. It has a large number of orders available, in addition to some options that will leave you with your mouth open. He even hides a hidden game! But, if you want to get the most out of it, you can't miss this compilation with the most curious tricks you can do with such a device.

If you have a Google Home You have to know how to get the most out of it. For this reason, these curious tricks can get you out of more than a hurry. Yes, they are all simple voice commands, but they are much more useful than you think. For example, the intelligent speaker of the great G can say for you in a river. The only thing you have to do is ask him to "throw a coin in the air." Automatically throw a virtual currency, with sound included, and tell you the result.

Google Home

More curious tricks you can do with your Google Home

Another of the most curious and useful tricks you can do with your Google Home is Make your mobile look for you. Let's put ourselves in situation: you are about to leave home and you can't find your phone. In addition, you know that you have it in silence, so it is doubly difficult to find it. Unless you have a smart Google speaker.

More than anything because with the voice command » Where is my phone?«. The voice assistant will detect the different devices that are linked to your Google account and ask you what you want it to sound. And yes, as long as the terminal has a battery, Google Assistant forces the team to start ringing. A very useful trick to find your device in a moment.

Google's voice assistant is a really complete AI. And it can help you much more than you can imagine. To start, you can do mathematical calculations for yourself. If you need to know the square reason of 489, just tell Google "tell me the square reason of 489". That s, at the moment it is not able to make too complex calculations, but time to time.

Google Home Mini

Another of the most curious and useful tricks is to turn your Google Home into a timer. Ideal to know when you have to remove the cooked eggs from the fire. The only thing you have to ask him to set a timer for within X minutes and do it for you. Same to set alarms.

You travel a lot? Well, ask your Google Home I look for a flight for you. The only thing you should do is tell him the following: «Search for a flight from Barcelona to Madrid for December 27». Change the origin, destination and date you need and the speaker will take care of the rest. Finally, if you had a hard day at work, ask the device to put relaxing music to sleep. Or even white noise. In short, the possibilities offered by this device are really wide. The only requirement? Know your trick and get the most out of it.