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ClixPro external lens for smartphones: features and price

Not all smartphones The market offers high quality when taking photos and, also, many options in the type of shot you want to take (such as in what has to do with the wide angle). If you want to make an important qualitative leap in this section with your mobile phone, an excellent option is the accessory ClixPro.

This is an external lens that has as one of its virtues that is placed on mobile devices with great simplicity, since a pin which allows it to be perfectly fitted in the place where the camera module is and, also, due to its good design nothing moves which ensure that high quality shots are achieved. By the way, this element is possible to use to always carry by hand, since it can be placed from the coat to the handle of a carrying bag. Come on, which is a very well thought out accessory.

ClixPro Accessory

There are two functions that are significantly improved when using this product: the type photos macro, one of the sections where smartphones have more way to go, and also in what has to do with the wide angle (where there are improvements in recent times, but that in some models these are not especially remarkable). Thus, in the first case, an element is included that allows taking shots to 15X effectively and, in the second, .45X so that the photos that are taken to, for example, landscapes are very significantly expanded.

Accessories for smartphones that you should always carry in your suitcase

ClixPro, a two-in-one lens that is simple to use

Unlike other similar products on the market, there is no problem in the use of the accessory in the phones, and so much so that it is 100% compatible of the models in the market. In addition, the set consists of two pieces where the wide-angle one is placed in the one intended for the improvement of macro photos, so it does not take up much space and, in addition, it is really easy to use each of the modalities offered by ClixPro. By the way, it concludes protection in the crystals so that they do not suffer damage and, also, so that the sharpness is the greatest possible.

ClixPro usage options

By the way, this accessory includes a sheath of transport so that it is not rolling by the backpack that is carried, which is not bad at all. An important detail: the manufacturing material is polycarbonate and, therefore, its resistance is high enough that this is not a concern.

Buy this useful accessory for smartphones

If this product catches your attention, it is possible to get it now on the Kickstarter platform where you have already obtained financing and, what you have to pay for it, is only 27 euros With an estimated delivery of the month of December 2019, so it can be an excellent gift for this Christmas.