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Black Friday: Best deals on Samsung phones

Samsung is one of the brands that best manufactures mobile phones in the world. The success of its latest mobile models suggests that the company's success has no idea of ??disappearing very soon.

If you feel tempted or tempted to have a Samsung mobile in your hands, you will love knowing that we have gathered for you some of the best offers in the latest models of smartphone Samsung

Buying tips: Samsung Galaxy

Although for some the structure of the portfolio of Samsung smart phones It may seem obvious, if you are an iPhone user or not a fan of the technology, there is a possibility that the understanding of the difference between the S10e and the A20e is not immediately clear.

If that's your case, read on to understand the composition of Samsung's lineup and to help you decide which device best suits your needs.

Samsung Galaxy S Series

It can be said that Samsung's best-known smartphone line, the Galaxy S series, has been the company's flagship brand since 2010. This year we were introduced to the largest Galaxy S phone line to date, in the S10e in a extreme and in the S10 5G on the other.

Four phones in total, each of which offers a body, a screen and a battery larger than the previous one, as well as additional functions. Whichever you choose, the Galaxy S10 range offers a first-class experience, no matter what happens and as such, without the great deals we have included here, you can expect to pay more than 650 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Note series

Galaxy Note devices usually launch in the second half of each year and bring with them experiences and refined features that were probably introduced in the company's Galaxy S devices at the beginning of the year, as well as larger screens, more power and the inclusion of the pencil Tctil S Pen of the company.

2019 meant a change for the Galaxy Note family, with a range of models that differed not only in the amount of storage they offer.

The standard Note 10 is slightly smaller and has a slightly weaker set of features compared to the larger Galaxy Note 10+, while, as the name implies, the Note 10+ 5G simply adds superfast mobile connectivity to the instant formula that constitutes the Note 10+.

Samsung Galaxy A series

Closely following Samsung's flagship devices of the 'S' class is the A Series. As you can guess from the lyrics, these are still capable phones, which fall within what most may consider "mid-range" with Premium touches and features.

Unlike the S series, the numbering helps you quickly distinguish between the most expensive and most capable devices and the simplest, but most affordable, inputs. At the top of the battery in 2019 is the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G, while at the other end is the humble Galaxy A10.

Note: In previous years, Samsung's A series is divided into single-digit numbers, rather than tens, so if you run into a Galaxy A9 or A5, for example, you just have to know that it is one of Samsung's oldest mid-range devices.

Samsung Galaxy J&M Series

If affordability is one of your priorities, then it is the alignment of Samsung Galaxy J and M that you want to consider. The probability of finding these device families varies according to the market. For example, the J series has not been updated for 2019 in the United Kingdom and the M series has no function.