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Between a watch and a smart bracelet, what is it for you?

Wearable technology has found in its watches and smart bracelets its best expression, and proof of this are the various launches in the field of consumer brands such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Fitbit. In this sense, the offer has become so wide, that the user can get lost in it.

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Before discussing some products in detail, it is important to mention how wearables they are becoming or will be fundamental for the companies. Google, for example, officially reported the purchase of Fitbit in early November 2019.

By working closely with Fitbit team and experts, and bringing together the best artificial intelligence, software and hardware, we can help drive innovation in wearables and building products to further benefit people around the world, justified the company at the time.

The truth is that this purchase leaves open the possibility of seeing, in the near future, a Pixel Watch (it was rumored that it will be released along with the new Pixel 4), so that Google can fully compete with Apple and its Smart watch, which takes almost 50 percent of sales.

Speaking of the signature of the apple and with a five-year experience in the field of smart watches, it has an advantage over its main competitors, since from the beginning, as usual, it launched a product well manufactured in terms of software and hardware that fit well with its entire ecosystem, and that will have improvements generation after generation, as seen. That is, it is not a fashion category for Apple.

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Motorola, in an opposite case, surprised in 2014 with its Moto 360, and seemed to become a serious player in wearables, but it only came to present one more generation, in September 2015. It has been said that a third version could be revealed, however, the firm will not be behind it.

Other technologies that have presented an ephemeral interest in the category of smart watches are: Sony with its SmartWatch (April 2012) and LG with its G Watch (June 2014).

Samsung is the one that seems to be seriously positioned in the segment, currently with proposals such as Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Fit, and with a 13.4 percent share in the market. smartwatches, with what is in second place, behind Apple.

Fitbit remains in the third position, with 11.3 percent of the cake, while Huawei has not been able to place itself as the protagonist, as it has done in smartphones, although it already has an experience of almost five years in smart watches: the Huawei Watch launched it in 2015.

Smart watch or bracelet?

After giving an overview of the smart watch segment, the idea is to say what is best for each person, especially now that the largest manufacturers of smartphones They have proposals in this regard.

Obviously, those who have an iPhone or Apple brand equipment, will naturally opt for an Apple Watch, since this, in addition to all the health and wellness functions designed for the user, integrates perfectly with the entire technological system of those of Cupertino.

The same goes for the owners of a Galaxy S10 or Note 10 cell phone: they will find a better integration with a Galaxy Watch or Watch Active 2. That is, in addition to the cost of cell phones, already expensive because they are located in the high-end, in the case of the iPhone and Galaxy, another important sum of money should be considered for a smartwatch.

So, it seems that opting for a watch or a smart bracelet depends a lot on each one's budget. A smartwatch it can cost up to 75 percent more than a smartband of the same brand, and that price difference also means greater functions for the first, from a larger screen to functions related to the health of consumers.

Nor is it that simple physical activity monitors fall short. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4, with six training modes, AMOLED screen, battery with a performance of up to 20 days with a single charge and music control of the cell phone, has an approximate price of $ 37 dollars.