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Become an animated character with a selfie and the Zepeto app

Submit Emojis for social networks, WhatsApp, Telegram and the like is no longer enough: with the explosion of custom stickers Now it takes to send a larger version of ourselves. This explains the enormous success that an app called is having Zepeto since it allows you to create your own animated avatar with which you will illustrate your own images and stickers.

The application we are talking about has its origin in South Korea. It can be installed from the Spanish Google Play Store and is rising like the foam in ratings and also in facilities. The promise is attractive: «create a character of yourself«. It must be said that it fulfills what was promised.

Zepeto is an application in which you can build your own self

Your own stickers and Emojis with Zepeto, the fashion app

Although the main function of this app is that of create and pose with your animated avatar That does not mean that it is the only thing available since it combines social and messaging functions really well. The idea is that you not only have your avatar, but also an account within the world of Zepeto. This allows you to find your friends, make new friends and locate other characters with whom to photograph yourself in the most varied situations.

The first thing just start Zepeto is to create your avatar For that the application will use a selfie creating the figure of the face through Artificial Intelligence. Although yes, the final touch you must give it: although the results are quite good the only way to get the perfect character is to adapt the features to your real appearance. Or to the imagined, that you may want to have your dream ego alter.

Your own stickers and Emojis with Zepeto, the fashion app

Once you have made your avatar, and put a name (it will also be your nickname within the application), in Zepeto you have available from a direct chat with other users to the option of pose in different scenes to create the stickers. Jumping, in a group, in front of a car … Pose with your Zepeto, call your friends to pose with you and create that unique image that, of course, you can share or download to your photo gallery.

Your own stickers and Emojis with Zepeto, the fashion app

Zepeto has its own currency to acquire new outfits and scenes. The currency can be obtained with different actions within the app (games, for example) and, also, acquiring it through real money. You can also unlock items watching ads.

Zepeto is a free application with ads and in-app purchases

You can download this application from the Google Play Store. It is original, it works quite well and, despite the pressure to get more coins with which to obtain a greater number of advantages, Zepeto It is recommended.