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Adobe announces new features of its Photoshop for iPad in 2020

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Just a few days ago Adobe finally launched its new Photoshop application for iPad. And even when he has had divided opinion In the AppStore comments, keep looking for how to win the compliments of all its users.

In one of the latest publications of his blog, Pam Clark who is in charge of the management of products related to Adobe Photoshop said:

We are delighted to have sent the first version of Photoshop on the iPad in Adobe MAX earlier this month. On behalf of the Photoshop team at Adobe, I want to thank all the clients who have downloaded the application and have already started creating so many amazing images

Because of the emotion that has caused this new application within the company, Pam Clark has assured that they are coming new functions that will complement the work of the users.

With the introduction of Photoshop on the iPad, we begin to scratch the surface of what is possible and we begin our journey to build the best mobile application for all of you. His experience, his comments and his point of view have always been a critical part of our process, and we take it very seriously as we chart a path forward with the iPad.

That is why today, we are excited to share how we think about the future, and give you an idea of ??what is to come and how your opinion is reflected in our planning process

What is Photoshop for iPad currently

At the moment the functions and tools are available basic of composition, masking and retouching. Although it is not a faithful copy of its original version taken to an iPad, the reality is that you can work in a good way using the Apple Pencil and the Touch.

In addition, the user can have access to your PSD at any time, you can view and edit them regardless the size and layers occupied by the document. Allowing so, that they can also be automatically saved in all devices that have Photoshop.

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More functions

The executive also mentions one of the functions that some users can not know, also forward One to be available very soon.

Log into all types of sources Adobe on iOS is possible with this application. The user can explore, obtain and manage the 1,300 sources by default, in addition to the 17,000 included in the plan Creative Cloud Photoshop for iPad also has Select Subject, which is a technology machine learning Adobe Sensei AI that allows speed up the automatic selections of an image. For the moment there is no other application that has a capacity to choose that power.

What awaits Photoshop users for iPad?

The publication reveals the upcoming functions that will arrive from the first half of 2020.

Refine edge

Get the tool that allows complex selections such as hair and fur, ideal for complicated edges.

Curves and adjustment layer options

They will improve retouching capabilities, offering curves that allow to adjust the adjustments of tonalities, adding new levels of color range and more.

Brush the sensitivity and rotate the canvas

They will be touch and mobile improvements similar to what Adobe Fresco already has, this will help to better manage images by angle and rotation.

Integration with Lightroom

The integration of work compositions between Photoshop and Lightroom Premium will allow more practical designs and flows on the iPad